Rail Cargo ÖBB Terminal Neu

Specific Project Type
Rail Cargo Austria AG
Report, Project development and Plausibility Check
Architecture / Design
Architekten Giulio Rubini Perez und Giovanni Rubini Perez, Studio Architettura, Mestre (Venezia)

The Rail Cargo Austria AG wanted the current terminal ''Rail Cargo Terminal S.STINO s.r.l'' after Marhera-Venezia to the location dusused industry processor of the ''Acciaierie Beltrame'' to transfer.

For this purpose the harbor authority of Venezia, with a subcompany and in common with an extern investor, this new location according to the requirements of ''Rail Cargo Terminal S.STINO s.r.l'' to develop and through a commercial tenany agreement to rent. The new place should be finished by 31.12.2016.

The arcitects Giulio Rubini Perez abd Giovanni Rubini Perez, Studio Architettura, Mestre (Venezia), got commissioned with the creation of the premliminary design for the ''Rail Cargo Terminal S.STINO s.r.l''. Ingenos ZT GmbH got commissioned with the plausibility check of this preliminary design. Ingegneria Stefano Lazzaro, from Scorzè (Venezia) supported this check.