Institute of Science and Technology Austria

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Specific Project Type
Educational and care facilities
Regional State Government of Lower Austria
Attendant Controls

The Institute of Science and Technology Austria (IST Austria) was founded by the Republic of Austria and Lower Austria's as an international and first class research center for basic scientific research.

It is located in Klosterneuburg, Maria Gugging, on the site of the former State Hospital Tulln Danube Region / Gugging, which was completely cleared in 2007 except three buildings.

The establishment of the institute follows a master plan. This master plan stipulates traffic engineering and building technical infrastructure details as well as landscape architectural aspects.

During the first construction phase the central infrastructure facilities such as lecture halls, cafeteria, guest rooms and administration were housed in the redeveloped existing building. Several new buildings such as the Lecture Hall and the first laboratory building ("Flexible Purpose Lab") were built in close proximity to the central building. Another laboratory building, the "Life Science Laboratory", is in progress.

In the ongoing second stage of construction a laboratory building for research under special hygienic conditions was built to a laboratory and office building and a new restaurant.

Ingenos was responsible for the attendant controls.