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ingenos ZT GmbH offers a wide range of civil engineering services from project development to construction supervision from a single source. Our team includes engineers, architects and ecolgists with special expertise and experience.

About Ingenos

Our Services


  • Construction site clearance and development
  • Flood protection
  • Drinking water supply
  • Sewage disposal and water pollution prevention
  • Landfill construction and waste management
  • Hydro power plants and wind turbines
  • Road and bridge construction
  • General engineering planning
  • Construction supervision
  • Project management
  • Attendant controls


  • Residential building
  • Commercial and industrial facilities
  • Health facilities
  • Educational facilities
  • Leisure and tourism facilities
  • Sports facilities
  • Project development, competition handling
  • General engineering planning
  • Construction supervision
  • Project management, project control
  • Attendant controls


  • Ecological conservation support plans
  • Natural design of company premises
  • Design of green spaces, squares and parks
  • Water condition assessments
  • Watercourse design and structuring
  • Planning of compensation measures
  • Ecological construction support
  • Ecological construction supervision
  • Strategic environmental audits
  • Technical papers on EIA procedures
  • EIA coordination